GIT + SVN state display unconsistencies

in this project, I have one SVN repo for a plugin's directory and a GIT repo for another main folder.

Settings seem OK and commits of selected changes automaticaly go to the correct repo.

But there is no way to know whereto PhpStorm will commit.

- Bottom right status bar indicator keeps mentionning "GIT" even when it commits to SVN. 

- And right now for example, "Log" window displays GIT commits log but "Incoming" and "Subversion Working Copies Information" display SVN data, even when the currently edited file is versionned with the GIT repo. (Sometimes it's different, but it might also be unconsistant)

How does all this work ? How to know what precisely do these various windows reflect ? 

And most important : How do we know for sure to what repo PhpStorm will commit ?


I had to test it, but it appears that it commits files to the closes VCS root reachable according to Settings | Version Controls, and it prefers Git over Subversion if two VCS roots are configured for the same directory.

In 2018.3, you can look at the branch name you're committing into. Would that help?


Thanks for your answer. Yes that branch name in the commit dialog could help...
The hint bubble displays also some data...
But in my case the branches have the same name (that is : master).

Could PhpStorm display also the full repo url ?
Or provide a way to give it a nickname in Files | Settings | Version control ,
-- in the same way we allready can give nickname to Project Directories and Deployment servers --
and display that nickname here instead of just the branch name.


I had a similar problem and I was just right-clicking a directory > Git or Subversion > Commit Directory.

Currently there's no option to do a nickname for a branch.


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