is there any way to customise shortcut for switching between various tabs in pycharm

I'm working on is a project which has got more than seven files that I have to keep open all throughout because the source code is spread between several classes with each class implemented in a separate file.


While ctrl tab does work for me when I have 2 files to switching, it becomes a problem when I am working with three or more files. At that point, I have to keep the ctrl key pressed down and then tab... which is also a good solution for a person who is working with keyboard. However, due to a medical problem, I have to use speech recognition and certain  other devices to browse code which do not work with one key pressed down and the other  key being pressed repeatedly.

it would be useful if I can either remap this functionality to some other set of keys or even if there is another way like ctrl + 1.. ctrl + 9 for switching between tabs from 1 to 9 or if I can  do Alt + left arrow to switch to the tab on the left side and Alt + right arrow tto switch to the tab on the right side.

I'm open to any other suggestion also. In summary, the problem is that I cannot keep one key pressed while the other key in a key combination has to be pressed repeatedly.


Thank you for any inputs


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Here's one suggestion - you can assign some key which is not normally used in the editor to "switcher" action in keymap settings. For example, "," (comma) key on a num pad. If you press it, switcher window will come up, and you can navigate to other pane from there using arrows, then enter. 

I've tested it, and it doesn't conflict with the comma key on the main keyboard.

Someone may come up with a better solution though.

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Thank you. This works.


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