Twig Support Plugin no longer compatible?

I have been using the Twig Support Plugin in my WebStorm for Node.js projects using Nunjucks for quite some time.  I recently have upgraded only to find that the new plugin no longer works complaining:
Plugin "Twig Support" was not loaded: required plugin "com.jetbrains.php" not installed.
Looking at the plugin information, it looks like the new plugin version now requires com.jetbrains.php which is only available to IDEA and PhpStorn.  Why did this happen.  Why lock out everyone else that was using this functionality?
To make matters worse, I thought I could just downgrade the plugin to the last version that did not add a requirement for com.jetbrains.php (183.3795.24).  When I try to install it from file, I get the following error:
Plugin "Twig Support" is incompatible with this installation
So it looks like this older version of Plugin (which I had been previously using) now can no longer be installed in the latest WebStorm (Build WS-191.5109.10).

Hi there,

I guess it's related to the fact that you can now debug Twig templates ... so it may need some PHP-related functionality that is available in PhpStorm only.


This is very unfortunate, because they may have lost users using this for JavaScript projects.  Can't that be an optional requirement only if you want to use debugging functionality?  I only need it for the editor enhancements for use with Nunjucks template files.


That's great!  Unfortunately, I'm unable to install that latest version.  Please see my comment to the issue:


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