Compile Stylus into CSS using FileWatcher ERROR=13

I am a Japanese high school student.
I speak poor English. So, I will use translate.

I want use Stylus.
I would like to compile Stylus into CSS using FileWatcher.
My setting is this.

Then, I got an error 13.
I tried various things, but no solution was found.
I hope you'll tell me.


Failed to run File Watcher 'Stylus'.
The watcher has been disabled.
Error: Cannot run program ""/MYNAME/static/style/single.styl" (in directory "/MYNAME/static/style"): error=13, Permission denied

Do you have stylus installed? looks as if the path to stylus binary can't be resolved, empty string is passed instead, so you are trying to execute single.styl that doesn't have executable permissions - thus the error.

Please install stylus:

npm install stylus -g

and specify a full path to its executable as a Program: in file watcher settings


I am sorry, I did't understand where I can get the executable.

npm install stylus -g

will install the Stylus library to  [Drive]>Users>[UserName]>AppData>Roaming>npm>node_modules>stylus (for the Windows case). Inside bin directory below stylus, there is the file stylus without filename extension, but this one does not work.


A <drive>:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\npm\stylus.cmd  should work


Elena Pogorelova

It works! Thank you for the support.


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