Add and Remove errors in EditorTextField


I am using the following Custom EditorTextField inside a DialogWrapper:

class CustomTextField(project: Project, s: String) : LanguageTextField(XmlLanguage.INSTANCE, project, s) {

override fun createEditor(): EditorEx {
val editor = super.createEditor()
editor.isOneLineMode = false

val settings = editor.settings
settings.isLineNumbersShown = true
settings.isAutoCodeFoldingEnabled = true
settings.isFoldingOutlineShown = true
settings.isLineMarkerAreaShown = false
settings.isIndentGuidesShown = true
settings.isAllowSingleLogicalLineFolding = true
settings.isRightMarginShown = true

val editorMarkupModel = editor.markupModel as EditorMarkupModel
editorMarkupModel.isErrorStripeVisible = true
return editor

The language of the EditorField is XML. When I load an "XML string" in this EditorField, I am getting multiple errors in the Right Margin like "Namespace not bound". I get nearly 50 - 60 errors. But I don't care about any of these errors at all.

I just want to get rid of all these Errors (suppress them) and add my own set of Errors. How do I do this?

I tried `editorMarkupModel.removeAllHighlighters()` but this doesn't have any impact on the errors.

Any help here is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Official comment

Unfortunately there is no workaround to this

Please add this in createEditor():


final PsiFile file = PsiDocumentManager.getInstance(project).getPsiFile(editor.getDocument());
if (file != null) {
DaemonCodeAnalyzer.getInstance(project).setHighlightingEnabled(file, false);

Thanks. This is exactly what I needed.


@Yann Cebron,

I did this and now I lost the Code Folding in XML. It seems that CODE_FOLDING is tied up to the `isHighlightingEnabled()`.


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