How to expand Notification programmatically?



I'm currently trying to development a plug-in that use Notification to display some information.

I successfully get the information to display, but, when there are a lot of text, the notification needs to be manually expanded for the user to see the full stuff.

It is important for users to see the whole notification information for the plugin that I'm working on.

I was wondering is there a way to programmatically expand the notification instead of requiring user to click on the notification to expand?

Following is the code I currently used to display a Notification.

private static final NotificationGroup GROUP = new NotificationGroup(

Notification notification = GROUP.createNotification("Some content", NotificationType.INFORMATION);

Any help is appreciated! Thanks a lot!

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Notifications should not have more than 2 or 3 lines of text by design, as there could be a number of unread notifications "stacking up", Also notification text is logged to Event console and would be cutoff there as well. Please consider providing clear and actionable short text and corresponding "Show more..." action that opens more detailed dialog message or dedicated UI to provide these details.

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