Allow edit when comparing files

When I compare a file that is within my project and one that is outside I am able to pull the changes in to the outside file but I'm not able to edit it in comparison window.  Is there a way to allow for this?  There are several times when I pull over changes and the tabbing or spacing is wrong and I try to fix it.  Ultimately what I have to do is edit that file again to fix things like that.  It'd be nice to make it so that I can edit in both the left and the right hand side.  I've searched the help and went through the preferences but I've not been able to find out how I can make this possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Could you please clarify what/from exactly are you pulling the changes? Unfortunately it's not very clear what your goal is.

Are you pulling from a remote git repo? Or just from remote server (e.g. sftp)?


Apologies.  While a file is active, I do View -> Compare with.  I select the same file but in a different directory (outside of my current project).  It opens up the comparison dialog where my current file is on the left and the selected file is on the right (I have the 'Side-by-side viewer" option selected).  There are differences in the two files because the selected file, the file on the right, does not include any changes I made to the file active in the editor.  I can select which lines I copy over from the right side to the left side but while I can make manual changes to the file on the left (because it is part of the project) I am unable to make manual changes to the file on the right (I assume because it is not part of the project).  The only changes I can make to the file on the right side is when I use the arrows in the gutter to pull the differences over.  

So basically what I am wondering is if there is some sort of setting somewhere that would allow me to make manual edits to the file on the right despite the fact that it is not part of the project currently loaded in PHPStorm.


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