Using JetBrains Account with OAuth

This might be slightly off topic for this forum, but I thought I'd ask.

I currently license and sell my plugin using a home-grown licensing scheme. I need to provide a management panel so that my larger customers can manage their licences, renew them, assign them to users etc. I'd like to avoid having to implement authentication and user management for this, and I was hoping to allow users to authenticate via their JetBrains Account (i.e. have a "Log in with JetBrains Account" button). Does the JetBrains account provide an OAuth authorisation server for this purpose?

Ideally I'd use the new JetBrains Marketplace, but there are still some blockers preventing me from using it (only works with Ultimate edition, no clear migration path for existing licences, only supports subscription model right now, etc). I need at least an interim solution until I can make that leap.

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Unfortunately we don’t have 3rd party OAuth support for non-JetBrains services

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