SVN "rebase" not working, or how to merge trunk back into branch



I'm working with Pycharm 2018.3.3 Community Edition and I'm struggling getting my svn that uses tags, branches and trunk kind of structure to work. So I can merge my branch back into the trunk using the Integrate Directory option and it also prompts the merge conflict editor when I do this. However when I try to rebase my branch (so merging the trunk back into the branch because ideally I would like to do my conflict solving in the branch and not in the trunk) this method doesn't work. And whenever I try to integrate the trunk (or any other branch) into my current branch it just simply overrides it.

I also tried to merge from option in the svn toolbar but this always, no matter what I do prompts the error "Cannot merge from self".

Any ideas?

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To start with, there is no rebase in SVN. It is a merge, but from trunk to the branch and not otherwise.

You should be able to do this, as any other merge, given that working copy is mapped to the branch, and not the trunk, otherwise, it will indeed be an attempt to merge from self.

So make sure that your working copy is pointed to the branch, and not trunk, and then use Merge from and select trunk.


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