Is there a way to overcome # issue?

Hi, i've been searching for a solution for so many hours by now...

I'm developing with ExtendScript - it's basically a JavaScript with minor changes.

i need to add this statement:

#include file.js

i tried supressing inspections for it but that's impossible.

is there anything i can do that will enable me to use this line of code - so that it will be "allowed"?

Many Thanks!



Please see comments in and

If the workaround provided there doesn't work for you, I can only suggest turning syntax highlighting off for such files to avoid syntax errors... This can be done using Hector icon in the lower right corner: open your file in editor, click the Hector icon and then move the slider to change the Highlighting level to None. See You will likely need to reopen the project to get the highlighting updated.


amazing, wonderful. using comment style solved the issue. thanks you! :))


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