Disable Date Picker?


Is there a way to disable the default date picker that appears when I am editing a date or datetime field's value in DataGrip?  It drives me bananas O:-) that when I press F2 to edit the field that I can't just start typing the date right away, I have to click into the field to edit it.  Or, if I just start typing when the field is selected, it lets me put in the first character, but then I have to escape out of the picker before continuing to type the date.

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There is an issue https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-4964 you can vote for and follow.

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Sophisticated developers love keyboard-centric work flow.

This date picker force us to use pointing devices as it does not accept any key press event and is impossible to move to other cell by keyboard.

It is driving me mad everyday.


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