Right clicking on column name and choosing "Columns List" does not work


I was running DataGrip from a local installation, and recently switched to have JetBrains Toolbox manage my DG installation (Toolbox version 1.13.4801, DataGrip Version 2018.3 and build #DB-183.4886.38).

Now when I right click on a column header in the "Output" view, and click "Columns List", the box with the column names either flashes on the screen for a brief moment then disappears, or it does not show up at all.

I'm running on macOS Mojave, version 10.14.2

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Do you experience the same behavior with Ctrl+F12 shortcut?

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Yes, the same thing happened when I used Ctrl + F12.


However, I updated to 2018.3.3, Build #DB-183.5912.12 on 02/19/2019, and it seems to be working again.


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