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Hi all,

Let us say I run a heavy DL model and the training will take a few days and I want to continue working in the meantime. Is it possible to open multiple python consoles? or any other way?



Aviv Shamsian

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Hi Aviv,

You can run a configuration (making sure "run with console" checkbox is disabled in configuration settings), and then you can use the console, while the configuration is running in the backgrould. Will this suggestion work for you?

That said, running something for a long time (few days?) from IDE might not be the best idea, you may want to run it as a process outside of IDE, just so if IDE crashes or anything, it won't affect your process

UPD: Oops, I didn't notice that at first, but there's a "+" button in the console window's toolbar. It's placed differently from terminal window, and might be hidden away depending on the window size, so it's easy to miss. Anyway, it will open new console instance.

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Can explain more about "run configuration"? If I will run it in the background will I be able to see the training process (I print the loss at the end of each loop)

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You can see your run configurations with Alt+Shift+F10, if you see them, you will probably know what I meant, but let me know if you have any questions about them.

Also, look at my update in the reply above, there is a way to open more consoles natively, which I also didn't notice at first glance. Hmm, perhaps we can do something about it from UI perspective in the future.


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