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No; you can try WebStorm Early Access Preview builds - they give the access to the new features we're currently working on and are free to use.
Note also that we have special programs you can try applying to - please contact sales for information about existing programs/discounts

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I think it's a mistake not to have a community edition for WebStorm.  I can't count the number of online classes, YouTube videos, conference demos, and other presentations I've seen over the last year that used the free VS Code IDE. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen a conference talk or YouTube tutorial that used WebStorm. This represents lost mindshare.

As someone who does these talks and who is planning to post some online videos and training, I simply cannot expect someone to shell out money for a tool to use in the class or to follow along in a presentation.

I understand there are ways to work around this, as the answer above shows, but again, that would never be a "trick" I'd recommend to an audience.  I'll never send them to a non-GA, EAP version and hope that everything is stable enough for them not to stumble because of an unreleased tool.

Without a WebStorm community edition, like almost everyone else, I'll simply use VS Code in my talks, thus moving students and attendees farther away from JetBrains.

Fwiw, I have a full, every-tool-included, annual JetBrains subscription, so I'm not saying this to save a few bucks myself.  I'm merely pointing out that in client-side web application development, VS Code is eating your lunch, at least as far as public perception goes.

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As the owner if the VS code discord I can say that Webstorm is still much more productive for me, even though I tried to move to VS code.

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A community version would be appreciated...

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I too believe that not providing a  community edition for WebStorm is a mistake. I simply do not get why there is a community edition for  IntelliJ, the Java IDE. Not sure what the market share for  Java is these days, but I'm pretty sure that the web market is a lot bigger and Webstorm, as a product, can win much more market share with a community edition. It's basically  FREE marketing. As the people above  I too own a Jetbrains full product license, so I'm not looking to save a buck or two with this. I just think this move would be a very good one for both the product and the community 


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