Webstorm community edition


Is there a community edition for webstorm ?


Update from JetBrains as of October 2021: Unfortunately, a community edition doesn’t seem possible right now, mainly because WebStorm’s features are included in our other paid IDEs. If we made such a radical change, we’d have to restructure a lot of other things. That’s a significant commitment we aren’t ready to make at the moment.

We try to support the community in other ways, though. We provide full or partial discounts for those who work on OSS projects, as well as for students, startups, training courses, and user groups. You can find more information about our special offers here. You can also try our EAP builds, which are free to use and are available three times a year.


I get really tired of people who say things like it's only £50.  Maybe that's not much money if you live in a rich country like the UK.  That's a lot of money to many people, especially those who don't live in wealthy countries.  Furthermore this tool is not the only thing people have to pay for.  All these costs quickly add up.


Those people can VScode, I want a product that works


As a big fan of IntelliJ products I learned with them, and got amazing educational license which is now expiring and I am forced to switch to VSC. I am sorry, WebStorm is a good IDE, but cmn, srsly 60 euro + tax? 80 euro for this, 80 euro for that, car, personal life, etc.. VSC has 80% of webstorm, for free and it is much faster. I Understand guys that you need to make money of something, but you are getting massively outmatched by free products like VSC. Subscribtion model is so 2010..... At least make the community edition. VSC is getting advertised everywhere, people use it everywhere, IntelliJ products go into obscurity, and it is a shame, cus they are really good products. 99% of people I know use VSC. Update your marketing model. Make community version with a hooks for the paid. Start gaining auditory with smart advertising. JavaScript world is of the biggest in the industry and u are simply passing on it. Until then you will keep losing members i guess.


Just use EAP builds people, it's free, I've used it and it's stable enough for work.


From what I recall EAP builds expire and there are periods where they aren't available at all.  Has that changed?  If not you're going to find there are times when you can't use Webstorm, so wouldn't recommend relying on it.

I want a product that works is not remotely relevant.  Unless the suggestion is that the tools with a community edition don't work.


Yes they expire after 30 days, but next version usually come in less than two weeks so it's safe.


In the past EAP versions stopped for a while after a new version of the product was released.  Long enough that the last EAP release expired before a new one became available.


So now is a good example.  Today, 21 April, there are no EAP versions available.


Then download the VS code and enjoy the chaos of fragmented ecosystem 

The only thing about VS code that is better is the instant indexing of dependencies, good luck trying to view your git tree and conflict resolution


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