How do i full text search in "Run"'s output



I am running an wildfly application server in IntelliJ. Console output is there but is there any possibility to full-text search it? Ctrl-F (Eclipse keymap) does not give any reaction, there is nothing in context menu and no other button anywhere.

Currently I copy my output to an editor to search but I can't believe the IDE should not have a possibility to search directly.




Hello Thomas,

There is no shortcut assigned for "Find" action in Eclipse keymap. Add it manually in "Settings | Keymap" and it'll wokr in console output either.



Hi Yaroslav,

thanks for the hint. Somehow I managed to open the toolbar now: Focus the log view and press Ctrl-Alt-a to get the global actions menu. From there I filtered by "find" and selected Find|Edit.

Defined a key map binding for the action now.

It's a bit complicated for a very common functionality, in my opinion.




The problem is that Eclipse keymap doesn't have assigned shortcut for Find action:

Other keymaps have it, so find in console works out-of-the-box.


Hi Yaroslav,

Eclipse keymap in IntellJ IDEA doesn't but Eclipse does. In Eclipse Ctrl-F opens the search popup allowing to full-text search the console (but

the way IDEA is doing search is more comfortable).

The issue you are linking to describes my problem. Just wondering why JetBrains does not change the behaviour.

For me it's working now, thanks. Future IDE migrants may have the same issue again.

Regards Thomas



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