Stuck 'Scanning Installed Packages'


Dear all,


When I open PyCharm, this task 'Updating Python Interpreter/Scanning Installed Packages' never ends. 

I have tried:

- Uninstalling and reinstalling PyCharm to the latest version (without keeping any settings)

- Running 'conda update --all' to sort out all the packages in the relevant python interpreter. 

- Uninstalling some new packages I had installed to check that none of them is causing the problem. 


Please let me know if you have any ideas what might be wrong - many thanks!




Have you tried File | Invalidate Caches/Restart?

If it doesn't help, please upload your renamed idea.log from Help | Show Log in... to and let me know the  name of the file.


I am seeing similar issues (stuck on "Scanning Installed Packages" - it never gets to "Loading Packages List" when I create a new project.

I cannot try "Help | Show Log" or "File | anything" since the interface is non-responsive.



Updating Java seemed to fix the problem. Java was stuck trying to update itself automatically, and when I re-installed it, PyCharm seems to work again.


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