Position of Cursor on the Next Input Line after a print statement is not at the end of the input line, I am using Pycharm Professional 2018.3.4

I am using Pycharm Professional 2018.3.4 and the cursor is in the wrong position for an input statement after a print statement, however all other input statements are OK once entering the initial input statement until the next print statement is encountered. I noticed this was issued as a ticket in 2017, where does this issue stand?

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Can you please provide a code snippet to reproduce the issue, along with some screenshots?

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Here is the code Snippet followed by the output

name = (input("Enter Your Name: "))
print("Hello " + name + "!")
num1 = input("Enter a Number: ")
num2 = input("Enter a Second Number: ")
result = float(num1) + float(num2)
# reset cursor position with extra input blank due to issue in Pycharm
# Mad Libs Game
color = input("Enter Color: ")
plural_noun = input("Enter Plural Noun: ")
celebrity = input("Enter a Celebrity: ")
print("Roses are " + color)
print (plural_noun + " are Blue")
print("I Love " + celebrity)

OUTPUT: (I cannot capture the screen but the cursor is at the start of the line: "Enter a Number:"

C:\Users\Peter\PycharmProjects\for_beginners\venv\Scripts\python.exe C:/Users/Peter/PycharmProjects/for_beginners/beginners_code.py
Enter Your Name: Pete
Hello Pete!
Enter a Number:

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Thank you for the example. Here's the related ticket:


Yes, the issue is still reproduced, but if you start typing disregarding the cursor position, the input will appear correctly, so it seems like a minor cosmetics bug.

You are welcome to vote and comment in the ticket.

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Thanks Andrey, I agree it most likely cosmetic, I have not tried taking the code outside of Pycharm, and it does work if I enter the data without issue, hopefully it will be corrected in the future to keep other novices from feeling the issue is on their end.


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