"Goto Declaration or Usage" in 2019.1 EAP


In version 2019.1 EAP, Ctrl+B and Ctrl+Click stopped working for me. I have implemented these EPs


All of them work. So when I invoke "Goto Declaration" which doesn't have a shortcut anymore, I see my list (I have several declaration points for functions) of declarations. The other actions work too. However, when I hold Ctrl and go with the mouse over a function, I see "Multiple Implementation" as expected. When I actually click it or invoke Ctrl+B I get a message "No Usages found".

Does someone know what I have to do differently or where I need to adapt to the new situation?

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I think this is a bug that was already fixed. I saw this behavior in my plugin when running from intellij-community build a short while ago. The issue was resolved in a build a few days later. Maybe this bug got into the EAP release. 

The latest intellij-community bulld does not have this problem.

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Yes, indeed this has been reverted already.

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Thank both of you for the answer!


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