PyCharm Makes PC Freeze When copy/pasting Sometimes

When I have a few tabs/files (5 or 6) open and copy/paste my pc freezes for a few seconds.

The audio also freezes but still makes sound very stutteringly.

This doesn't always happen... my pc has quite high-end components, is this a bug or might I have messed something up? i've been experiencing this for a while now.

Would greatly appreciate some help!

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Does it happen on copy or paste action? Is the volume of data copied/pasted has any effect? What is your CPU/RAM consumption by PyCharm processes during normal operation when few tabs are opened?

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I have the same issue. Sometimes, when I copy-paste some part of code the CPU usage increases up to 200% any time I try to write any kind of code after the copy-paste is done. After I finishing typing the CPU usage becomes normal but it goes up again when I start typing.

Dunno why, but it seems like the issue only appears after I perform copy-paste operation (even if it's just a 2-lines block). And the only way to get back to the normal state is to close/reopen pycharm.

Regarding Andrey's questions: In a normal state, pycharm only takes ~700MB RAM and up to 20% of CPU. I have a MacBook Pro 16" Late 2019.

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Hello Serg, 

May I ask you to reproduce the issue, capture CPU snapshot following the article  and submit a ticket  along with logs folder zipped from ***Help | Collect logs and Diagnostic Data***?


Thank you in advance! 


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