When a PSI element's parent can be null?


The PSIElement.getParent method Javadoc says:

* Returns the parent of the PSI element.
* @return the parent of the element, or null if the element has no parent.
PsiElement getParent()

How is it possible for an element inside a file to have no parent? Even the toplevel PSI element in the file has the file itself set as the parent.


A PsiElement is not necessarily bound to be located in a (physical) PsiFile, thus a parent could be non-existent at all. An example would be "synthetic" or "fake" PsiElements like com.intellij.psi.impl.SyntheticFileSystemItem


So, is it possible for a non-toplevel PSI element to have null parent? By "non-toplevel" I mean a PSI element whose normal parent is not the file element itself.


Yes, when PSI is in (temporary) invalid state e.g. due to modification. What problem are you trying to prevent?


I simply want to know how defensive I must be when calling `getParent`. For example when implementing editor actions like "move statement".


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