Git Integration disabled after switching branches




After updating PyCharm (jump from 2017.? to 2018.3), I've been having issues with Git Integration. I can enable it just fine, but if I switch branches (either through the PyCharm interface or externally through the command line) the Git Integration disappears and I have to re-enable it.

I tried turning the per-branch 'workspace configuration' setting on and off, and had this problem in both cases.

PyCharm 2018.3

Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.2

"Git Integration" and "Github" plugins are both installed and enabled.

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Probably, you have committed the `.idea/vcs.xml` file that saves the VCS mapping configurations to one branch, but not another, sow switching the branch deletes the file and integration gets disabled.

You can use git ls-files to browse files tracked in git.

To solve the issue you need either to have vcs.xml in every branch, or do not track it in VCS at all.


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