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I really like the error / PEP 8 mistakes you can get when moving your mouse over the scroll bar on the right. However, I'd like to get them displayed in the file itself, not just in the view generated by hovering over the scroll bar. As soon as I click on one of them in the scroll bar, it takes me to the right place but then I need to mouseover the mistake.

Hence, is there a toggle to show all of the errors/mistakes with explanations (e.g. "PEP 8: missing whitespace..." in the file itself without needing to mouseover them?

The screenshot is generated by moving the mouse over the scroll bar. I'd like to get the generated highlight without having to have my mouse over an error in the scroll bar.


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Have you tried Code | Inspect Code? It will analyse your code and show all the inspections in the separate tool window.

I believe showing all the inspections in the editor would be a bit overwhelming.

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Inspect Code is nice but I actually prefer the overlay. It's easier for me to decide if I need to fix it and seeing the mistake right next to the code makes it very teachable. 

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If you have certain idea on how you would like to see it, feel free to submit a feature request about it to our issue tracker using the link and let us know if you need any help.


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