Set different Run Configuration Icon in Run/Debug Configuration combo box

Hello folks,

I have custom Run Configurations. They all have a common icon. For such a reason very long to explain, I added two custom start/stop buttons that start/stop an application using an http call. Thus, I don't have a process running, but for me it is like if a remote process is running.

Now, I want to make the icon of the "running" Run Configuration to appear with the live green dot (using ExecutionUtil.getLiveIndicator()).

My problem is that it looks like the combo box that should render the button uses the information from the field myRunningConfigurations in ExecutionManagerImpl, and clearly form the IntelliJ's perspective I don't have a running Run Configuration.

Can you tell me if there is a way to set/unset the live green button programmatically in the following widget?


Permanently deleted user

You should provide your own implementation of com.intellij.execution.process.ProcessHandler


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