IDEA EAP Fails to run changes on Team City


Is there a known issues with IDEA 2019.1 EAP IC-191.5532.39 and running changes on team city prior to commit? When attempting to run a change on Team City I get the following error.

         Failed to collect VCS paths: Cannot determine repository URL for ...

If I open the same project in the same subversion workspace with IDEA 2018.3.4 and try to run the same change on team city it works fine.

Note the project is an import of a gradle project into IDEA. The project was created in IDEA 2019.1 EAP so I don't think the problem is with the project creation. I have seen this problem with all the projects in 2019.1 EAP.

Also note the changes in the workspace can be committed to subversion.


Looks like this is some error on the TeamCity side (or its plugin). The proper forum to ask this should be

I was not able to find any reports about this issue in the tracker, so maybe worth submitting one at


Still stuck on this problem, IDEA 2019.1 can't run jobs on team city and I just have updated to IDEA 2019.1 EAP Beta IC-191.6014.8. I asked this question on the Team City community but have had no responses (see link below).

How do I debug this issue?


Sorry for the delay. I've asked the TeamCity team to check the issue, they shoudl reply soon.


I have not heard anything on this issue and now I see that 2019.1 official release is available.  I upgraded my 2018.1 installation and now it is 2019.1 and the team city integration is broken. I guess I will need to downgrade if I can't get this resolved.


Sorry for the lack of reply.

We discussed the issue with the TC team, and it turned out the issue is caused by API changes on the IDE side, which were overlooked. Neede API has been restored in the IDE, so 2019.1.1 update should have it fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience

I'll post the update to the TC forum as well


Final update. I have been using IDEA 2019.1.1 IC-191.6707.7 pre-release and it is working as expected and I can once again run jobs on team city from idea.


Hi, I have the same issue on rider 2021.1 and found no information. What should I do?


Laurent Michel

Seems to be a bug in the TeamCity plugin reported as

Please follow it to be updated once a workaround is found. 


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