Git branches menu: After removing a project from my view, the project still appears in the Git Branches menu


Hello all. I sometimes work on many related projects at once and often attach them to the currently-opened project in RubyMine so I can easily switch contexts between them. I also keep all Git branches in sync by enabling the "execute branch operations on all roots" option.

This causes a problem when I remove or detach a project from my view (by going to the Project panel, selecting a project and hitting the "Delete" key). The project is removed, but it remains in the Git Branches menu and I'm unable to find a way to remove it from there. Selecting the root and hitting the delete key doesn't do anything. I've also tried invalidating my caches and restarting. I can't find an option to remove them and I'm not sure how to fix this - can anyone help, please?

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in this case it’s necessary to remove the existing mappings manually, we have a request for improving the current behaviour:


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