How to open project log file directly as fast as possible


Since i open my project log file very often i'm searching for a way to open this file as fast as possible. Possibily with a single click or shortcut. Now i use the shortcut navigate to file -> type 'log.txt' -> enter to open the file.

Is there a way to open the file in a single click (via shortcut) or to add the link to this file somewhere in the UI ?

I know i could 'pin' the log.txt file tab but i don't wont it to fill the space in the tabs section

it would be awesome if there could be also a way to get notified for file changes on the file, but i think for this i have to use file watchers

my log file path is logs/log.txt


Bookmark with Mnemonic (0...9) -- just like Vasiliy Yur said ... and you can open specific file with a single keyboard shortcut (no real need for creating a toolbar button for that, unless you always forgetting that shortcut).


There is another way then — bookmarks. The workflow is simple:

- Create a mnemonic bookmark with index 0 on a specific file (ctrl+F11):

- Create an action on toolbar (right-click on Toolbar > Customize... > Main toolbar > + > Add action... > Other > Bookmarks > Go to Bookmark 0)

- Just click the button:

Let me know if it helps.


I wonder if adding the file to Favorites may help? The only drawback is that you have to keep your Favorites tool window open (or spend an extra click to open it)



i've already tried with favorites, but i don't want to keep the window open, and opening require an extra click as you said...


Great. That is exactly what i was searching for. Thanks !


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