JB Markdown Plugin: Extend fenced code block language identifiers


Preface: I created a minimal example for this problem

I want to adjust the "language identifiers" that are used to recognize my language in fenced code blocks when writing markdown with the JB Markdown Plugin



The Markdown plugin provides an EP for this called CodeFenceLanguageProvider.

Therefore, I added the MD plugin to my gradle build file

configure<org.jetbrains.intellij.IntelliJPluginExtension> {
downloadSources = true
pluginName = "Wolfram-Language"
sameSinceUntilBuild = false
updateSinceUntilBuild = true

I added an optional dependency in my plugin.xml

<depends optional="true" config-file="withMarkdown.xml">org.intellij.plugins.markdown</depends>

and filled the config-file with what I believe is useful content

<extensions defaultExtensionNs="org.intellij.plugins.markdown">
<fenceLanguageProvider implementation="de.halirutan.mathematica.lang.WLCodeFenceLanguageProvider"/>

Everything compiles but I cannot get it to work. Additionally, IDEA always highlights the fenceLanguageProvider as red and I don't get any completion inside the extensions tags. The definition of the EP inside the MD plugin.xml is

<extensionPoint qualifiedName="org.intellij.markdown.codeFencePluginGeneratingProvider"
interface="org.intellij.plugins.markdown.extensions.MarkdownCodeFencePluginGeneratingProvider" />

I must be doing something basically wrong because even when I set a breakpoint in the markdown code at e.g. org.intellij.plugins.markdown.injection.LanguageGuesser#guessLanguage I don't get a hit when debugging.

The IntelliJ SDK Docs are pretty detailed about this and still, I'm unable to get it going. I "grep"-ed through the whole community sources but it seems no one used this EP. Can someone give me a pointer in the right direction?


Edit: Fixed typo

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It works exactly as I describe above. After closing everything and re-opening it, IDEA finally decided that I had suffered enough and simply worked. 


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