Datagrip uploading/indexing sensitive files



My employer does provides Datagrip and other Jetbrains tools to us for use. I decided to give Datagrip a try and installed it on my PC.

Will connecting to a local MariaDB database, I noticed a process running in the background. I was not able to catch what it was doing but there was a progress bar and I saw the filenames of some sensitive documents in a folder sitting on my desktop.

I disconnected my Ethernet cable immediately but the process was already completed by then. I have uninstalled Datagrip.

Does anyone know what the process might have been and why it was accessing files on my desktop?

I am freaking out right now due to this. 

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You perhaps attached your Desktop as a working directory, right?

Then DataGrip just indexing files to provide search and navigation. 

Anyway, DataGrip cannot do anything harmful. It just indexes.


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