Why I can't delete of selected block of code?


I am working on MacPro, and I can delete character-by-character by pressing the 'delete' button, but if I select a block of code, and then press the 'delete' button, it doesn't delete.  As I constantly press the ''delete" button, it selects more characters backwards without deleting anything.


This is very annoying. How to delete block of code after a selection of the block?

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First of all, make sure you are not using Vim (check Tools | Vim Emulator).

Then check your Keymap, maybe you have some conflicts for the delete button.

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Yes. Exactly! I am using Vim Emulator! Thanks

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What an easy solution to this conundrum. I've been thinking around the corners of this problem for so long. It was now that I figured it out. Thanks!


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