Changing name of Scratches removes it from the editor

If I scroll down to the bottom of the Project pane (on the left while the project is open), expand Scratches and Consoles, then right-click Scratches (Mac), then select Refactor > Rename, and change it to anything (like "Notes"), all of the scratch files and folders are removed from Scratches and Consoles... if I go look up the actual filesystem path (like /Users/you/Library/Preferences/PHPStorm20##.#), the folder is there as Notes.

If I change it back to Scratches, then reload PHPStorm, the folder is back under Scratches and Consoles.

If the editor's going to let me change the name of Scratches, it should simply realign its reference to the new folder's name, not just remove it from Scratches and Consoles (because it's looking for Scratches).

I'm not finding anywhere to even set where the "Scratches" folder (whatever its name is) is located, which would probably clear up the issue.

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