Can't move files around in Favorites


This includes Scratches added to Favorites... I added it there so I don't have to keep scrolling up and down through my Project pane's normal working files just to access these files; I simply click Favorites to open up the pane to see Scratches then close it when I'm done with it to get back to my project files.

If I try to drag a file from one folder under a Favorites location to another folder under that same Favorites location, the mouse cursor shows a cancel symbol and won't drop the file. I can drag and drop among folders of that top-level folder in the Project pane.

I don't know why a favorite location would or should not let me move files around in its sub-folders.


Could you please illustrate the issue with the screencast recording?

I just tried to move a scratch file from one Favorite list to another and it seems to be working fine, but I guess that I misunderstood your concern.


I can't provide a screencast because it involves proprietary company information and I'm not sure even how to do a proper video capture here on a Mac without compromising the Mac's security or sharing too much personal information, though if you know how to make an easy gif or something please let me know.

Also, you're still not understanding what I've said; I'm not talking about moving files from one favorites list to another (which I don't need to do), I'm talking about moving files in a favorite list's folders or subfolders around; this works in the Project panel's Scratches folders, but not while they're in the Favorites panel (no matter which folder from Scratches or that folder itself that I add).

Maybe you're adding files from the Project's parent folder (which I don't do) and not the Scratches folder or any of its sub-folders... either way the problem I'm having is contradictory to the logic in any other folder on the left-side panels.


I've reproduced the problem on my end That looks like a regression: - you can report this to our tracker.


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