Bizarre Remote Debugging Behaviour


I have been using Pycharm for about 18 months.  I have suddenly starting getting the following error when I try to run remotely:

11:42 Couldn't upload helpers for remote interpreter: Auth cancel

11:42 Error running 'mytest': Can't run remote python interpreter: Error connecting to remote host

This happens on new projects and has also infected one of my old projects, although other projects seem to work.

It started happening on 18.2, but have upgraded to 18.3 with no change.  I have seen older posts with various solutions proposed.  Is there a definitive answer to this?  Its extremely annoying!!

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You might have seen this suggestion in other posts, but please try deleting `.pycharm_helpers` directory from your user home on the remote host.

If the issue is still reproduced, please upload the logs:


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