Adjust Line Height


I have just upgraded from 2016.3 version of PhpStorm to 2018.3 and I can't find any option to adjust the line height. I found how to adjust the line spacing, and font but that's not what I am looking for.


As far as I remember this was possible in the old version.

I am using a custom version of Darcula theme, and PhpStorm on MacOS, High Sierra. 


Am I missing something or this option does not exist anymore?


This option doesn't exist in current version. Could you please illustrate why do you want to change line height?


I don't like my code to feel cluttered and so I use 2.0 for line spacing (or before line height).

Now, when I do this the caret remains smaller and it looks like in the screenshot above, which feels very weird to me. I was hopping to be able to have the caret be the same size as the line + spacing between line (see the grey area in screenshot). 

I used it like this in the previous version and I was surprised to see I can't have this setup anymore. 


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