Remote Development on Windows and Git.


Lets assume that the build machine is a Debian Linux box and we use Git to download the sources onto this box. Now we use Clion Windows for Remote Developement, where we sync the sources between Debian and Windows. Is there a possibility to have a workflow where we install Git on windows to perform Gerrit reviews on the codebase which is synced on windows? 



Hi Srinivas!

Actually, in case of the Remote Projects feature, sources should be originally located on the local machine (with automatic synchronization to the remote host). So you can check out your project from Git right in CLion on Windows and CLion will automatically synchronize sources to the remote host.

About Git integration in CLion:

Just in case: work with remote Git executable is not supported yet, feel free to comment or upvote


Anna Falevskaya Is there a feature that you are aware of that is asking for CLion supporting Windows as target machine ? Client being a Mac or Linux. 


Maximilianm, here is the feature request related to the Remote with local sources mode - CPP-14491

And here is the feature request related to the Remote with the thin client mode - GTW-27.


Oh wow that was fast ! Thanks a lot.


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