Pycharm Github login gives error: OauthAccess, Invalid authentication data

I'm trying to add an account for Github to login to our corporate server (i.e.

However, I'm getting the error shown in the snippet.

I have an alternate PC on the same network that works fine. 

Any suggestions?


Hi Tegg,

There was a known related issue in the older versions, so first of all please ensure that you're running the latest version (, and if that doesn't help, or you're already on the latest version, let us know.


@Andrey Resler: I downloaded latest version of Pycharm community edition (Version: 2019.1.3), tried to login with both user name, password and token method but see the same error on both Mac and Windows as in below screen shot:

Would appreciate any help?



Server URL looks strange, do you use a corporate server? If not - you don't really need anything apart from


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