Webstorm is the number one React Native IDE, but the lack native code support is causing me to consider a move.

I've been a Webstorm fan for many years and have recommended it to a lot of fellow devs. But as React Native projects becomes increasingly sophisticated, the need to edit Java/Objective C code also increased, and often during the hardest part of programming - the debugging phase.

I know that Intellij ultimate supports Java files, but Webstorm is the only Intellij product that has React Native support listed as one of its main features. Can it claim to be a React Native IDE when it doesn't support the native codes that's a core part of React Native?

Would love to know if Intellij has any plans on adding Java and maybe Objective C/swift support to Webstorm.

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No, there are no plans. If you need java support, you can use IDEA Ultimate for React Native development - it includes all WebStorm features


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