Is there any way to open all the files in a favorites folder in pycharm

I have added about seven files to a particular project and stored all of them under a favourites folder(I hope I'm using the right term) in pycharm.

I can now do Alt+2 and use the keyboard to select a particular folder. However, then I have to click on each of the files in order to open them in pycharm. Is there a way that I can do this in one single click. That will enable me to open on the files in a given project.

That way I will be able to quickly switch between one project in another. For example, I usually have to work on a set of files for a particular feature, and then switch back-and-forth when I'm fixing the bugs which require a separate set of files.

If this is not a feature, can I put a request for adding this as a feature?

Thank you for any inputs

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You can open multiple files by selecting them (using ctrl+click or shift+click) and hitting enter (or dragging them onto the editor window).

Does this solution work for you?

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Thank you. That was obvious, but somehow it did not occur to me.


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