How to recover keymap setting?

Hello, I want to navigate to the class or function definition by double click on an element in the source code, so I modified the keymap setting of "declaration". I removed the original settings, and added "Button1 Double-click". On my Mac touchpad, now I can quickly enter a class or function definition by double-click. 

However, it seems some other behaviors. For example, after I selected some text and press the 'delete' button, it doesn't delete any more. I suspect this is due to the keymap setting change.

Any suggestion to resolve this issue? Should I restore the original keymap setting? Or other ways that can achieve both purposes? 


Thanks for help.




I couldn't reproduce the issue - I don't have any issues with deletion after setting Declaration action to Mouse 1 double-click

Please try to reset the keymap to default (select the default profile) and check if the issue is reproduced.

Also, can you record a screencast demonstrating the issue?


One screeshot shows my current keymap setting, and the second shows the fact that once the string is selected in highlight, and I press 'delete' button, it only deletes character by character. It should delete the entire hilighted string. Right?  


Unfortunately the screenshots didn't get attached. Please send them again.

Is the issue eliminated when you restore the default keymap settings?


Hi, Andrey:


How to restore keymap settings? I didn't find the option. Thanks,.


Simply open keymap settings and select default profile. You can then chose your custom profile at any time.


Hi, Andrey:


I restored the default settings. However, I still has the original issue. After I selected a body of text and then press "delete", it doesn't delete the whole. It deleted individual characters one by one. Some other keyboard operation doesn't work as normal too.


But in other editor, like Word or in Browser, it works as expected.  I didn't do special setting after I installed the professional editor. The only thing I changed is the overall scheme setting as Eclipse style, not the black background. 


Ok then. I suggest we try to determine if the issue is caused by any IDE related settings. Please do the following:


1. Close PyCharm and rename your PyCharm's settings directory which can be located according to

This will make PyCharm create a new directory and start in a blank state with every setting reset to default. 

2. Create a new project in some temp directory and try to reproduce the issue. Post the results here.

3. After test is done, remove the newly created settings directory, and rename your old directory back, restoring the settings.


If the issues did reproduce with the default settings, the next thing would be to try re-installing PyCharm, or better yet, try the latest EAP version (


To save, I will wait for the March next version and re-install it. thanks.



Following the instruction I did the following:

  • Configuration (idea.config.path):
  • Caches (idea.system.path):
  • Plugins (idea.plugins.path):
~/Library/Application Support/<PRODUCT><VERSION>
  • Logs (idea.log.path):

And then I  installed latest EAP version, but got the same issue. However, in my other editors, the keyboard behavior is normal.

Any other thoughts?

Based on the facts that the issue is reproduced with the defalt keymap settings, as well as with default overall PyCharm settings, and after reinstalling, I can only assume the issue is somehow OS-related. The other possible explanation is that it's another weird JDK 11 bug, but it's unlikely since we don't have any similar reports.

Does the delete button work anywhere else in the PyCharm application? For example if you delete individual charactes, or use it to delete run configurations, or any other action where the delete button should work?

Please also record a screencast demonstrating the issue, gather logs according to, and submit a bug report to , this is all we can do for now.


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