AppCode: 1 second keypress responses; terribly slow in general


I've just installed AppCode on an older Mac Mini (mid 2011 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6630M 256 MB) and performance is terrible - even when just cursoring around in the editor response time is almost a second per keypress. Everything else is dire too. No indexing tasks running or other high cpu usage. Not short on RAM according to the memory monitor.

Other apps also suffer while AppCode is visible. If I hide (not quit) AppCode, everything is fast again. 

So, I conclude some sort of graphics performance issue. Is there any way to fix this? Some VM option perhaps?

Thanks all.

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Hi Adrian,

Could you please capture a CPU snapshot as described [here]( to make sure it's graphics issue?

Best Regards,
Maxim Medvedev
The Drive to Develop

Hi Max,

I'll leave this for now - it was a temporary situation and I have my usual development Mac back now.

I had a number of days developing using Xcode while AppCode was unusable - painful but at least it worked.



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