Where does PyCharm stores plots for SciView on Mac?



I generate many plots using matplotlib and see them in SciView. Now I want to download them in a separate folder. I don't want to right click on all of them to download. I suppose they are stored somewhere as files on my mac...

Where can I find these files?

Thank you.



As a matter of fact, the images generated for SciView are stored in memory, and not in the file, so the only way to save them on disk is by using right click and save as file.


I see, thanks for the reply.

Is there a way (custom script or hotkey) to save them all images at once from memory to disk in the order they are showed in SciView?

Alternative for me would be to change script to do saving to disk as well, but I am doing the calculations on a remote server, and would love to avoid the hassle of copying it back to my laptop.


@Sergei Sokolov

Unfortunately there is no way to bulk save multiple SciView images. I agree this might be a useful feature, and I suggest you to submit a corresponding feature request to our issue tracker (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/PY)

Otherwise, saving them directly to disk using the code might be the only solution for now.


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