Feature Request: Next Tab / Previous Tab as Left-Right not New-Old

This drives me crazy in an otherwise excellent piece of software. When I use the Previous Tab / Next Tab keyboard shortcuts (which I've bound to Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn respectively), it doesn't determine the order of editor tabs based on their current position left to right in my interface, but so far as I can tell by the order they were opened. So sometimes Previous / Next tab keyboard shortcuts will move me through the tabs in the order that is intuitive to me. But other times not. I have a particular mental ordering for how I arrange tabs and am used to dragging them back and forth. The moment I do that or if I open PHPStorm with a group of tabs already open from a previous coding session, the order I cycle through them falls apart.

This throws me out every time and keeps pulling me out of my coding. To me "Previous Tab / Next Tab" mean the same as "Left Tab / Right Tab". But plainly to PHPStorm it doesn't.

Can that be added? May seem small but every session it keeps causing me cognitive dissonance. If I've missed a setting for this somewhere, I cannot find it and would be super happy to be corrected! :)

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To be clear, are we talking about this action?

Please attach a screenshot of your File | Settings | Editor | General | Editor Tabs similar to mine:


I personally never experienced this. Searching for similar reports brought somewhat similar issues: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-171499 & https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-154729. Please check them - probably you're experiencing the same.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, those are the settings. I've attached screenshots as requested:


(tabs settings)

Platform is Windows 10 if relevant. I've checked the links but both seem to describe unpredictable jumping between the tabs. I haven't nailed down the exact pattern that is taking place here but what I'm experiencing is that tabs cycle through in the wrong order. It seems to occur when I've opened PHPStorm with existing tabs from the last session, but also if I close all tabs and then open them. At least once per day I switch the key mappings from PgUp for Next and PgDn for Previous, to PgUp for Previous and PgDn for Next. Depending on which way it seems to be cycling through the tabs at the time. I think it relates to the order that the tabs have been opened in but I'm not certain.

Any information I can provide that will help solve this, please let me know as it's the only thing that spoils an otherwise perfect tool for me. :(

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Could you please run Help > Compress Logs and Show in ... and upload somewhere we could get the resulting archive next time it occurs?


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