How to explain to PhpStorm where is Class_Method?

I using Livestreet Engine for my project. In this engine, many methods are invoked using the "Class_Method" construction. For example:
$data = $this->Cache_Get($aCacheKeys); //Cache - class, Get - method

How can I make Phpstorm find the Get method in the Cache class and give me the option of autocompletion? Maybe there is a way to do this with phpDoc or a plugin for the PhpStorm. Maybe there is some other solution?


Hi there,

Class level PHPDoc using @method tag should help (sorry, your image is not loaded so cannot see what's there). But in general:


Thank you for your answer. But I can't understand how to use @method tag in my case. I can create a magic method with @method in class when I call it, but phpStrorm still can't fund class, what is implemented in another file.


Without some examples/explanation: no idea what you mean.


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