How to take type of variable in live template?

I use Webstorm for working with salesforce (apex language) and I wanna to create live template for creating iterator loop (for each style). 

For example : 
for ($typeOfVar$ next : $var$) {$END$}  -  it's my live template.

if I have 'List<String> myList' in my code and I insert 'myList' in $var$ I wanna that in $typeOfVar$ I will have 'String'
What expression I need to have for that in template variable $typeOfVar$? Maybe someone know how to do that?

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All advanced live template macros responsible for completion, type evaluation, etc. are language-specific. None of standard WebStorm live template macros can be used for retrieving a type of Apex variable, as webstorm has no support for this language. I'd suggest contacting JetForcer support for this (,


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