IntelliJ GitHub does not accept non-https GitHub Enterprise URL


Is there a way to add GitHub account in IntelliJ with http URL? We have on-premise GitHub Enterprise and we are not enabling https at the moment.

We are interested in the new feature of IntelliJ, accessing GitHub pull requests.


In GitHub accounts settings, if we set "Server" text field to the IP of our GitHub Enterprise, it will try to connect through port 443 (which is not open at our server) and the following error appears:

Invalid authentication data. Connection refused: connect.


If the port is explicitly set to 80, we got the following message:

Invalid authentication data. Unsupported or unreognized SSL message.

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> if we set "Server" text field to the IP of our GitHub Enterprise

AFAIK, GitHub Enterprise does not support access by IP, and redirects instead. So you probably need to use http://github.enterprise.fqdn instead of IP. Doesn't it work?

How does it work in a browser?

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It does support the access by IP, and that's what we use when we access GitHub Enterprise website and push to git repos.

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It is, in fact, a bug - submitted

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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