Updates to Ruby SDK caused RubyMine to lose the project.


In trying to deploy my application to Heroku, I discovered that my Ruby SDK and related code were out of date from Heroku's perspective, so I updated. At some point (I actually don't know when), RubyMine lost track of the code as a project. By this I mean that from one hour to the next, after merging in code from Git to resolve a fast-forward conflict, I tried to run the test suite, and received the error "No Gemfile found". Which is odd, because there's one I can see and open in the root of the directory pointed to by the "Project Files" tool.

Indicative of this is the fact that the entire "Project Files" tree is against a cream-colored background (as opposed to the normal white).

If there's any further information I can supply that would be useful, please don't hesitate to point that out.


After searching only for "Gemfile" in this forum, I discovered that there's a second location in which to specify "project root", and that it was this setting that was not correct.




just to be sure, does it work fine now?


Sadly, no. Now I get "Rails server launcher wasn't found in project" when I try to run the non-rake launchers, except (weirdly) the IRB console.

I've been trying to work through the suggestions in some of the other answers to no avail.

Can you point me to the likely problem? I should point out that what probably caused this was that I merged an old commit from this project that has a .idea directory in it, so I could have munged things that way. However, I was smart enough to copy the existing .idea directory outside of the current tree before doing the merge, and have copied back in all of the contents. Still, though, I get the error above, so I clearly munged something.


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