FTP server configured but can't upload anything

I am new to PhpStorm. I have a local site/project open and configured a FTP connection (test is ok). Local and deployment path are set and correct.

Tools > Deployment > Browser Remote Host shows my fils on the server. But I can't upload anything. Most menu items are greyed out.

And when I right click a file (in the project folder list) there is nothing about uploading this file.


Please open "Mappings" tab in a deployment server configuration & check if all fields are filled.


Local path and web path are defined.


What about Deployment path?

If it's empty try adding / there



Yeah this worked :-)

If this is a required filed, why not mark it as such? Or display an error if not filled.

I thought the "root path" is enough, because it is pointing to my web root.


Here's a corresponding issue report: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-33717 - feel free to vote for or comment it in order to increase its priority.


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