cannot find declaration to go to for tensorflow slim using conda env

I'm working on a project using stuffs under both tensorflow.contrib.slim and  the developing version of slim under a different path(


My code actually works fine. The only problems I cannot get into certain functions under the tensorflow.contrib.slim version of slim using Ctrl+B. It says cannot find declaration to go to. However, the stuff under the developing version of slim can be found. 


The interpreter paths is setted as the image showed


the tensorflow.contrib.slim is under the site-packages and the developing slim is research\slim

I know there must be something wrong about the module name duplication, but I have no idea how to solve this.


The other thing maybe need to point out is my code importing things like this ( which is also the way used in github sample code ):

import tensorflow as tf
slim = tf.contrib.slim


and I can not go into functions under it by using Ctrl + B. for example, 



and I can not do it using the full path import either

import tensorflow


Somebody please give me some idea. Thanks in advance



Already tried File | Invalidate Caches / Restart. It doesn't help

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Please try to do **File > Invalidate cache / restart** first to ensure it's not a caching problem. If it won't help, please append this to your initial post, and we'll try to think of something else.


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