How do I remove the run dashboard?

I initially enabled the run dashboard and I no longer want it. It takes up valuable screen real estate on my laptop and I preferred the old run style. How do I revert this option? I couldn't find any documentation anywhere





Can you please post a screenshot to better understand what you mean?


Hi Andrey - yep!

I remember there being a "Use Run Dashboard" option in the notices and I clicked "yes." Then the left hand pane started showing up and I cannot figure out where to disable this.

I prefer the old method where there were only tabs at the top and no left-hand pane. This gives more screen real-estate that the sidebar takes up.



Have you tried the "-" button in the upper-right corner of the window? You can also click the gear icon and try different display modes.


Unfortunately that's not what I'm looking for.


I want the sidebar not to appear, and I don't want to run programs in the run dashboard. I just want the regular "run" back. 


The run dashboard shows the sidebar to the left in the screenshot below. Regular run does not. I do not want the run dashboard anymore. How do I get programs to do the regular run again? The minus sign hides the entire run dashboard and the gear does not have any option. To be clear I do not want the run dashboard at all, only the normal run screen. The difference is that the run dashboard says "Run Dashboard" and also shows the sidebar


Thanks Audrey


Oh, I see now. I was confused because this setting is somewhat "buried".

Please see this post, it shows where the setting is located


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