Problem with Typescript(?)

Hi! I was trying to use one module in my project and ran into a problem:

There are three errors in IDE, but nothing thrown when Typescript build process is running.

For some reason that works in regular `.ts` file, but not in `.vue` file. When I starting build process there are no errors and everything works as expected, but WebStorm don't think so :).

Here is repo demonstrating this problem:

Github issue (just in case):


How can I fix that?

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the first issue is caused by problems resolving overloads, it seems to be fixed in 2019.1

the next 2 errors occur because WebStorm static code analysis doesn't understand Vue.extend() - it requires special handling (see and linked tickets)

I'd suggest trying 2019.1 EAP ( - it has introduced advanced TypeScript support in .vue files ( - it's now possible to use Typescript language service there to get more accurate error highlighting. You can give it a try


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Installing 2019.1 EAP fixed all problems. Thank you very much!


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